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Camera Cables

Post  NearSysAdmin on Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:51 am

The camera cables for a flight computer can be of two types. The first camera that can be attached to a flight computer is one with a modified shutter button. For this type of camera, wires are soldered to the shutter button. So instead of manually pressing the shutter button, the flight computer triggers a relay to short ot the contacts on the shutter. I recommend using Deans Micro Plug (2R or 2B) to terminate the cable on the flight computer and the camera. Splitting the cable between the flight computer and camera allows you swap the camera and to mount the flight computer and camera to the BalloonSat airframe individually. When the camera is hanging off the flight computer, you risk breaking the cable between them as you work to install the flight computer and camer to the airframe.

The second camera bypasses the relay and use a mini USB cable. This is the method to connect a Canon camera that is running the CHDK USB remote to the flight computer. You have no choice how to terminate this cable, it's must be the USB that plugs into the camera.


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